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   In retrospect, the tide of the global economic crisis in 2010, the Fuyuan company firmly believes that "year of the disaster, there must harvest home." Companies from the effective use of resources, energy conservation start to ensure that workers have a job, the company does not stop for the purpose, we launched a series of effective measures to avoid the return caused by the economic crisis as much as possible. The company is headquartered began to change functions, improve all aspects of the management level, the industry elite have joined Fuyuan, also introduced this new PFS water purification agent products, find a new breakthrough to ease the pressure of market competition, these have proved 2010 Fuyuan company effort of all employees pay to be fruitful, the company has gradually entered the regularization of Fuyuan Enterprise Group Health orbit. Looking to the future, Fuyuan people know that we are engaged in is a rich pioneering and challenging career. China's accession to the WTO is both unprecedented opportunities, but also full of challenges. We will continue to strengthen the enterprise reform and development, the establishment of good modern corporate governance structure, through scientific decision-making procedures and market-based incentives, to pursue "people management" philosophy, recruit more capable, innovation, steady work. Although we are shouldering the burden, but I firmly believe that, in order to promote Fuyuan company's development, revitalization of the Chinese economy, while creating value for the company to achieve self-employees, to create a good return on investment for the shareholders of the company, creating a win-win space, all my colleagues in the company will Fuyuan with full enthusiasm, high morale, united and progressive spirit of adhering to the past and the future, Fuyuan company will work closely together, redouble their efforts, to meet the difficulties and to overcome the difficulties.   

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