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Annual output of DTC 60,000 tons, fuyuan industry company become a boss

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Gongyi fuyuan water purification materials Co., LTD. Is currently the largest professional production of inorganic water purification materials joint-stock Co., LTD. The company has strong ability to develop new product trial and strict management measures, detection means is complete, product quality is stable. Covers an area of 40,000 square meters, there are more than 400 employees, including chemical professional undergraduate and graduate of three-year institution of 20% or more. The annual output of various water purification materials 60,000 tons, value $100 million. Company main product is polymerization alcl3 (yellow), polymerization alcl3 iron (red, black), alkali type aluminium, polyacrylamide, active carbon and various kinds of filter materials, etc. Products are widely used in more than 30 domestic large and medium-sized cities of tap water company and large and medium-sized enterprises, and exported to Korea, Vietnam and other countries, the gains prevalent praise

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