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Foreign investors to our company to negotiate business

Number of visits: Date:2015年5月4日 20:56

2006 June 7, Russia cobolli gigli company purchasing parties gianluca mother, line 4 people come the our company to inspect the visit. Just polymerization alcl3 purchasing items with my company leadership ZhangJinYou, etc ZhangShuangCheng negotiations.

Russian company purchasing parties in NDRC Suggestions cobolli gigli down me company visited. Gianluca, mother says, to with my company establish long-term cooperation relations, and signed the contract, came to judicators promote their mutual friendly cooperation and exchange, deepen bilateral friendship, common development and common progress.

I company general manager ZhangJinYou to gianluca mother, line, we sincerely hope to extend a warm welcome to both sides in the economic field, strengthen cooperation, promote plant-pathogen interaction. He said China's reform and opening-up over the past 20 years, 巩义 rapid economic growth, I companies rely on local resources advantage, in government departments under the support of the rapid growth and development. The domestic industry has become the largest scale to produce a, its exports Korea, South Africa, North America and other countries by the majority of users praise.

Russia, said pedro mother as people opposite of environmental awareness enhancement russia-baiting urgently needed in China to find a production scale is big, stable product quality of the enterprise as a solid backing, this line are very satisfied. And sincere invitation zhang to visit to Russia.



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