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Two Italian alcl3 industry in polymerization of good news

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Domestic polymerization alcl3 production enterprise faced two Italian news.

One is our production equipment investment and cost much less than abroad, so products in the international market has great competitive advantage, current net annual exports about SanSiQianDun. Domestic enterprises can completely in the coming years will own products to the international market. 2 it is in the coming years there will be a larger growth in domestic demand. Our goal is to put forward the sewage disposal 2010 urban sewage concentration adolescent to 50%, according to estimation countries will invest in 65 million yuan RMB to governance of industrial wastewater and urban sewage.

Polymerization as water treatment agent has catalyzed several advantages. First is performance advantage. It in industry is the biggest use of flocculant as water treatment, due to advantage prominent, applicability, than traditional flocculant dosage may decrease 1/3 to 1/2, cost can save to 40%, and has become the excellent DTC recognized at home and abroad at present. In addition, it also can be used to purify drinking water and water supply special water treatment, such as removing fe, except cadmium, fluoride, except radioactive contamination, except the oil slick.

Followed by economic advantages. China has rich raw material to produce polymerization is concerned, and production process route. China adopts the raw material is mainly develop utilizing their local mineral resources. Now, the domestic technology have close or reach the international advanced level. Polymerization process, according to many alcl3 molykote can be divided into acid method, discarded, neutralization method, pyrolysis, pressurized reaction method, mix sol-gel, electrodialysis method, electricity method, etc. Solid product is a liquid products by spray drying or drum drying get. The spray drying is an ideal way to dry, suitable for mass production, and the scale of production of smaller enterprises to adopt drum drying is feasible.

Third, China's manufacturing enterprises such as small scale, regional features, but appeared in parts formed industry group. From the national look, polymerization alcl3 manufacturer has more than 300, the annual output has more than 40 tonnes (at 10% alumina liquid products plan). The largest liquid products factory production has been up to 2 million tons, solid product biggest factory produces sales have reaches 0.5 million tons.

A huge demand, again with mature technology and lower the price of raw materials, experts very bullish on polymerization alcl3 in the future.

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