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Henan gongyi relying on the advantage of DTC industry innovation to ensure the safe production

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China mercury news (correspondents in China is GuoLiangZheng) gongyi few oversize DTC products production and marketing area, a certain scale of DTC manufacturers more than one hundred products, production of the national total amount of similar products, the bulk of its product sales throughout the country, there are quite a quantity overseas export products.

Gongyi have the scale of the DTC product appearance, and marketing two flourishing, this benefits from gongyi in place of superior geographical environment and generous investment environment. Gongyi city is located in the western mountainous area, are abundant mineral resources, as one of the DTC products mainly raw materials aluminum alite-ba-bearing calcium powder, southern mountains in gongyi city endowment rather large, here distance aluminum corporation of China henan branch and shanxi aluminum plant are within 100 miles of another kind of raw material aluminum hydroxide buys is very convenient, and here are some mid-south area biggest chemical raw materials production base of henan cape group company, can provide a number of high-quality hydrochloric acid, ensure DTC manufacturers use, in recent years, gongyi economic policy agile diversity, absorb shenzhen radically water purification equipment Co., LTD. And shenzhen water affir group and companies have advanced technology and products have enough for DTC throughput capacity of enterprises gongyi investing in factories, has promoted the development of the industry.

In order to make the DTC industry stocked up staying power due-out, ensure efficient production safety, in the context of a dryer special control activities. It is reported, in the beginning of August by relevant vice mayor in project management conference explicitly pointed out that before August 15, DTC industry use illegal dryer change entirely legally, qualified for the performance of the equipment.

Current by relevant departments statistics, in more than ninety separately using drum drying and spray drying in the enterprise with nearly QiBaiTai dryer, including 267 platform for illegal pressure vessel made equipment, significant production safety hidden trouble, the municipal relevant technical quality inspection department decides to these devices must be forcibly removed, for safety production open a channel.

In order to make gongyi DTC of safe production in a big industry situation, city requirements towns affiliated companies, on August 4, thoroughly before closing DTC industry has no safety performance is very equipments, make it no longer operation. By quality and technology supervision coordination, deploy related government information office technology backbone, to not have legitimate properties of dryer enterprise detail by detail rectification, replacement, and finally accepted for acceptance, the enterprise shall, according to law, register, issue qualified certificate, can use drive production. And not according to requirement of the enterprise, shut replacement quality and technology supervision will be in accordance with the special equipment supervisory relevant provisions of the regulations, to deal with the manufacturer shall impose corresponding economic sanctions, equipment change does not reach the designated position, will no longer allow production, until can qualified so far, just can have the normal production and operation.

The move will change the current implementation of the DTC industry production situation, for in the future high yield create a relaxed production environment, thus produce more quality products, to supply the demand of the market. (copyright all reproduced to be marked China mercury)

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