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Decorate besides flavour household activated carbon

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Remove household adornment material released by the various harmful to human health gas with high adsorption purification function and suitable for hotels entertainment places such as air conditioning room airtight room and furniture refrigerators, automobiles. Deodorization detoxification and low consumption and long-term use convenient characteristic.

Formaldehyde, toluene, xylene and ammonia gas is indoor, the major component of air pollution on human health, they will produce a serious threat. Activated carbon is of very fine adsorbent, it has physical adsorption and chemical adsorption of dual characteristics, can selectively adsorption various substances in the air, to achieve alexipharmic deodorization etc purpose. Activated carbon in adsorption saturated after to replace, approximately every three months replacement once.

"Fuyuan activated carbon" is green environmental protection product, with high adsorption of activated carbon as the carrier, through high-tech processing refined, purify air harmful to human health, with high adsorption of gas purification function. Suitable for hotels, air-conditioning rooms and other airtight room except the flavour and furniture except taste, cars, refrigerators, toilet, kitchen, shoe, shoes except flavour, etc.

Now that sells on the market chemical sprays is temporary removal toxic gases, sometimes easy cause secondary pollution, and objects of gas released is a slow process, go today except a few days, and taste. Especially we use delightfully fresh air to taste, that is not scientific, because air freshener just to cover up the taste of toxic gases, but didn't really remove toxic gases, sometimes also have the opposite effect. And activated carbon is a kind of very good with pertinence and long-lasting (activated charcoal effective adsorptive period for 3 ~ 6 months, sunlight re-usable, easy to preserve, sealing 5 ~ 10 years deteriorate. Adsorbent, using physical adsorption and chemical adsorption removal dual characteristics of poisonous gases. The safety and environment, avirulent and harmless.

"Fuyuan activated carbon" can strong adsorption smelly source and deodorization ability than ordinary congener product strong 5 ~ 10 times. Can remove ammonia, formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds (VOC), benzene, toluene and other harmful chemical gas, and can regulate the dimensional humidity. Adsorption catalytic and dry function can prevent product mouldy. Effectively remove escherichia coli, yellow staphylococcus, white tinea bacteria, mould, putrefying bacteria, green pus bacteria etc, inhibit bacteria such as intestinal virus, influenza, viral etc pathogenic transmission.

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