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Spray drying poly aluminum chloride, aluminum chloride white, formula: [AL2 (OH) LnCL6-n] m, technical standards: GB15892-2009 standard

 Product Features:

 Spray drying type PAC features depends on the operating principle of the pressure sprays. Through the pressure produced by the spray drying process of porous granules of aluminum chloride or hollow small particles, dust and showing smoothness. Due to better contact with the water to be treated, its wettability and water velocity is stronger than other powder products. Spray drying PAC production is not only, but at the same time make it into tiny particles. PAC is a water soluble substance while exhibiting good thermal stability and solubility. The 40-50% aluminum chloride solution into the high-pressure pump, sprayer dried granular product is formed. Dehydration and the formation of particles at the same time in this production process.


 PH value can be adapted to a range of 5.0-9.0, the best PH value of 6.5-7.6.

 1. The process can be used in rivers, lakes and groundwater

 2. Can be applied to the treatment of industrial water and industrial water recycling

 3. Can be applied to wastewater treatment

 4. Can be used in coal and porcelain flush wastewater recycling industrial wastewater.

 5. Can be applied to printing, dyeing, tanneries, breweries, meat processing plants, pharmaceutical plants, paper mills, coal washing, metallurgy, mining, as well as fluorine, oil and heavy metals in waste water treatment.

 6. can be applied wrinkle-free leather and fabric.

 7. Can be used in the cement solidification and casting mold.

 8 can be used in pharmaceuticals, glycerine and sugar refining

 9. Can be used as a good catalyst.

 10. The adhesive can be used in papermaking.






Water insoluble matter


PAC-01 (white powder, spray drying)





Drinking water, paper, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and auxiliary

PAC-02 light yellow powder, spray dried





Drinking water treatment and wastewater treatment

PAC-03 as a yellow powder, drum drying





Drinking water treatment, industrial wastewater and municipal wastewater treatment


Application method:

 Users according to different quality and different terrain, through the deployment of agent concentration test to determine the optimal dosage.

 1. The liquid product can be directly put in, it can be diluted after delivery. The solid product was dissolved after dilution needs to run. According to water quality and quantity of products to be processed to determine the dilution water. Dilution ratio of 2 to 20% solid product, liquid product (based on weight) 5-50%.

 2. put the amount of liquid product is 3-40 g / t, solid state put the amount of 1-15 g / ton, the specific amount invested in the flocculation tests and experiments shall prevail.

 3. Spray drying type PAC acidity than other inorganic flocculants.

Spray drying type polymerization aluminum chloride and the difference between ordinary polymerization aluminum chloride production process:

Spray drying:

Liquid raw materials - pressure filtration - spray tower spray drying - finished products

Ordinary drying:

Liquid raw materials ----placing ----drum drying ---- finished

The synthesis of different cost:

Spray drying products with high stability, adapt to the wide waters, the hydrolysis speed, absorbent strong, fast and high flocculation formation, low turbidity, dehydration and super. In the same water, spray drying products relative to other products on the small amount, especially for the high polluted water, spray drying products need only half the amount of the product can be drying, not only reduces the labor intensity, but also reduces the cost of the customer. In addition, spray drying products on too much will not cause pollution, can avoid accidents, ensure the safety of drinking water.

White spray-drying type PAC is composed of aluminum hydroxide powder and high purity hydrochloric acid by spray drying processing of a white or milky white powder like fine powder, exposed to the air easily melt,, color purity, the product of after the water is clear and transparent solution, there is no color, while the ordinary polyaluminum aqueous color yellow or brown.
 First, the white PAC Uses
 1, is mainly used for drinking water, industrial water, oil field injection water, cooling water and a variety of water (such as municipal sewage, oily wastewater, sewage printing and dyeing, papermaking wastewater, sewage bleaching mills, etc.) process.
 2, paper sizing precipitant, sugar bleaching clarifying agent.
 3, for a number of areas tanning, medicine, cosmetics, and precision casting.

Papermaking sizing agents

I. Features
Paper Size high purity PAC. A series of different degree of polymerization of inorganic polymers composed of the main components of Al13O4 (OH) 24 (H2O) 127+ highly charged polymeric chain polymeric aluminum ions. When the PAC as a paper sizing precipitant in water after hydrolysis produces a trivalent hydrated ions, through a series of reactions and negatively charged fibers and filler particles, and at the isoelectric point precipitate began to gather above attached to cellulose plays an important role in the process of sizing sizing, paper sizing is a new precipitating agent.
The early 1980s, some European and American countries have the PAC begin for paper. Our researchers are also actively studying the PAC application of neutral rosin sizing techniques. Although the aluminum sulfate is widely used in paper sizing precipitation, however, in recent years with the development of neutral sizing technology, some negative effects of aluminum sulfate in the course of becoming increasingly prominent, such as equipment corrosion, paper strength decreases poor anti-aging properties, limiting inexpensive high quality calcium carbonate filler used, and so on.

Compared with aluminum sulfate, white aluminum chloride with the following characteristics

 1) a large number of positively charged, and form stable hydroxyl polynuclear aluminum complexes, can effectively promote flocculation, sizing.
 2) the appearance of white, iron content is very low, to meet the need to create high-quality paper.
 3) PAC is pre-hydrolyzate of aluminum chloride, a relatively low degree of hydrolysis, the pH of the pulp decline smaller than aluminum sulfate.
 4) only for acidic aluminum sulfate sizing, and PAC may sizing in acidic and neutral environment, the system is significantly reduced corrosion, Whitewater handling easier.
 5) can be added to fill an inexpensive calcium carbonate filler, not only reduce production costs, improve the whiteness of the paper and folding, while also overcoming the synthetic rubber material (such as AKD, etc.) is difficult to avoid the disadvantages (such as slipping, sizing degree is difficult to control, etc.).
 6) Using PAC sizing slurry retention, drainage function improved significantly.
 7) In addition to breaking length paper properties, other indicators have improved to varying degrees.

Second, the use of the solid formulated product containing 10% of the liquid product, add 1.5-3.0% of the liquid product to be sized in the slurry, and stirred to mix it with the slurry. Its usage and aluminum sulfate, as only one-third the amount of aluminum sulfate, calculated according to the absolute dry paper amount of 2% -3%.
 Wire, spray-type PAC use
 The solid product is formulated as a liquid content of 10% of the product, was added in 1.5-3.0% of the liquid product to be sizing slurry, and stirred to mix it with the slurry.
 Third, the PAC packaging and protective spray
 This product uses the external double packaging, plastic bags, external bag. 25 kg per bag.
 Fourth, spray PAC Notes:
 1, the product is acidic product, the absolute prohibition with an alkaline substance (such as bleach, lime, etc.) are stored together, otherwise the product will fail.
 2, the solid product is easy to absorb moisture, should be placed in a dry place for storage.
 3, in the bags in good condition, the shelf life of one year.

PAC is white aluminum hydroxide powder and high purity hydrochloric acid by spray drying processing of a white or milky white powder like fine powder, exposed to the air will melt. Compared with conventional PAC has water-insoluble low, easy to dissolve, a small salt low iron content and other characteristics.
White PAC performance standards GB15892-2009

Index Name
Poly aluminum chloride GB15892-2009 Index
Alumina (AL2O3) mass fraction /% ≥
Basicity /%
Density (20 ℃) / (g / cm3) ≥
The mass fraction of insolubles
PH value (10g / L solution)

Quality arsenic (AS) division /% ≤

Lead (Pb) mass fraction /% ≤ 0.001

Cadmium (Cd) mass fraction /% ≤

Mercury (Hg) mass fraction /% ≤
Hexavalent chromium (Cr + 5) mass fraction /% ≤
NOTE: As the liquid product listed in the table, Pb, Cd, Hg, Cr + 5 can not be comparable to the calculation according to AL2O3 10%, when AL2O3 content ≥10%, the actual amount should be converted into AL2O3 10% calculated for each product than column item impurity indicators.

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