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Gongyi City Fuyuan water purification materials Co.,Ltd. Gongyi City Fuyuan water purification materials Co.,Ltd.
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30% of the PAC

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30% of the PAC

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Polyaluminium chloride

Polyaluminium chloride is an inorganic polymer coagulant, is also referred to as poly aluminum English, abbreviated as PAC, inorganic polymer water treatment agent and molecular weight of production due to polymerization of hydroxyl ions and the bridging role of the anionic charge is larger, higher. In the form can be divided into two kinds of solid and liquid, while the solid color is divided into different brown, yellow and white, polyaluminium chloride of different colors have a greater difference in the application and production technology.

The superiority of the polymerization aluminum chloride products:

PAC polyaluminium chloride spray drying because of good stability, adapt to the wide waters, the hydrolysis speed, strong adsorption capacity, the formation of alum, dense precipitation, low turbidity, advantages of dehydration performance, in the same water, spray drying PAC dosage reduced, especially in the water well, spray dried product dosage and drum drying of poly aluminum chloride, can be reduced by half, not only reduce the labor intensity of the workers, but more important is to reduce the cost of water users. In addition, spray drying products can ensure safety, reduce the accident of water, drinking water for residents is very safe and reliable. Polymerization aluminum chloride, aluminum chloride or referred to as high efficiency, high efficiency PAC. Using the most advanced production technology, the use of high-quality raw materials, the degree of polymerization reaction. All the quality indicators have reached or even exceeded the national standard GB15892-2009 requirements. Poly aluminum chloride was prepared by spray drying process. It can also be called the high level of spray drying PAC. Poly aluminum chloride PAC product features: Kaibiyuan brand PAC products with fine powder, uniform particles, soluble in water, good flocculation effect, stable and efficient purification, less dosage, low cost etc.. Suitable for drinking water purification, water purification and water purification industrial city etc.; water is suitable for all kinds of turbidity, wide range of PH, the formation of large, fast, floc sedimentation speed.

Polyaluminum chloride PAC concentration ratio method:

According to the daily use of solid polyaluminum chloride PAC, diluted liquid, summarize and share several polyaluminum chloride PAC concentration ratio method, we hope to help!

The first step, according to the raw water, do first test to obtain the optimum dose before use. Test solution configuration according to weight ratio (W/W), generally 2 to 5% for good. If the 3% solution: polyaluminum chloride PAC solid 3G, Sheng into the 200ml cylinder, add water to about 50ml, to be dissolved and diluted with water to 100ml scale, it can be.

The second step, PAC polymerization aluminum chloride production, by polyaluminium chloride PAC solid water: =1:9 to 1:15 weight ratio can be dissolved. The alumina content of less than 1% of the solution is easy to hydrolysis, will reduce the use of effects, concentration is too high is not easy to add uniform.

The third step, the drug was obtained by the optimum dosage of adding. See sedimentation tank alum is less, the residual turbidity, the dosage is too small; see sedimentation tank alum and turned on, Yu Zhuogao, the dosage is too large, should be adjusted.

PAC polyaluminium chloride water insoluble matter:

The use of technology for making solid plate filter, water insoluble fraction below 0.3%, liquid water insoluble fraction below 0.1%, to ensure that the users of the channels, and improve the rate of drug use, and natural sedimentation is not up to the. Poly aluminum chloride PAC-01 (light yellow powder, spray drying): used for drinking water treatment and wastewater treatment. Poly aluminum chloride is one of the star products in the series of water treatment agents, polymerization aluminum chloride in ordinary poly aluminium chloride, polyaluminium chloride spray type, compound type, paper products for efficient polymerization aluminum chloride has many advantages in one. All water treatment chemicals products to the new national standard for inspection standard, water treatment agent with GB15892-2009 standard. High performance polymer water treatment chemicals aluminium chloride in China is currently the best inorganic polymer water treatment agent, processing of various concentrations of water are quite effective, and less dosage, the dosage is 50% less than the same concentration of ferrous sulfate, with 10% less than the same concentration of polyaluminium chloride. High effect, low energy is mainly PAFC high degree of polymerization, because the general iron salt, aluminum salt treatment agent during the hydrolysis process can generate AL (OH) 2+, AL (OH) +2, Fe (OH) 2+, Fe (OH) +2 simple hydrolysis hydroxyl ion, and PAEC itself is AL3+, Fe3+ pre water product, it is in the process of hydrolysis in the generation of hydroxyl ion, it can generate a large number of major from the degree of polymerization, the positive charge from the AL4 (OH) 4+8, Fe4 (OH) 4+8...... Such as polyhydroxy cation, to neutralize water colloid particles charge and compression of electric double layer, and hydroxyl bridging, crosslinking and surface adsorption reaction series, in the corresponding collision, condensed into large flocs, rapid precipitation.

That the basicity of polyaluminium chloride:

The basicity of polyaluminium chloride is relatively important poly aluminum in the index, especially for drinking water level of poly aluminum products, this standard is one of the important indicators of Fuyuan water purification products production control. The base of the lower degree, the higher the price, the buyers can according to the actual situation of factory operation. In addition to different raw materials, different polymerization aluminum chloride products production and processing base is different, which requires manufacturers to adjust. To improve the basicity of poly aluminum chloride products, can improve the production and economic benefits greatly. The basicity is increased from 65% to 92%, the cost of production of raw materials can be reduced by 20%, the use of cost can be reduced by 40%.

PAC product features:

1, floc forming fast, good activity, good filtration.

2, without additional alkaline additives, such as the case of deliquescence, the effect is the same.

3, PH value to adapt to a wide, adaptable and versatile.

4, the treated low salinity water.

5, to remove heavy metals and radioactive substances to water pollution.

6, the active ingredient is high, easy storage and transportation.

Polyaluminium chloride which has several colors in the market:

Poly aluminum chloride on the market more complex, because the production process of each manufacturer and different raw materials, poly aluminum chloride color also produced some differences, there are white, yellow, brown three colors of poly aluminum chloride, here to show the difference between three kinds of different colors of use. Two alumina content GB range between 27-30 polyaluminium chloride is yellow to yellow light yellow solid powder. These types of polymerization aluminum chloride water solubility is good, with electrochemical, condensation, adsorption and precipitation and other physical and chemical changes resulting in the dissolution process of [Al2 (OH) 3 (OH) 3] / down, so as to achieve the purpose of purification. So when the PAC in use, without any additives, flocculation formation fast and thick, high activity, fast sedimentation, the purification effect of high turbidity water obviously.

White polymeric aluminum chloride as it is called high pure iron white polymeric aluminum chloride, or food grade white polymeric aluminum chloride, compared with other poly aluminum chloride is the highest quality products, the main raw material is aluminum hydroxide powder, hydrochloric acid quality, the production process technology is the most advanced spray drying method. Whitepoly aluminum used for paper sizing agent, sugar decolorizing clarifying agent, tanning, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and precision casting and water treatment etc..

The raw material yellow polyaluminium chloride is calcium aluminate powder, hydrochloric acid, bauxite, mainly used in sewage treatment and drinking water treatment for drinking water treatment, if the raw material is aluminum hydroxide, hydrochloric acid and a calcium aluminate powder, the process is a process or frame filter press spray drying process, due to processing countries in drinking water have strict requirements for heavy metals, so both raw materials and production processes are better than brown polyaluminium chloride. Yellow PAC commonly used drum drying or spray drying tower production into production, sheet, two solid powder form.

The raw materials of brown polyaluminium chloride is calcium aluminate powder, hydrochloric acid, bauxite and iron powder. The production process is the use of drum drying method, mainly used for sewage treatment, because it added iron powder so the color is brown, the darker the more iron powder, iron powder if a certain amount, also known as poly aluminum ferric chloride than in some time, has an excellent effect in yeast wastewater treatment.

PAC products widely used:

1. urban drainage purification: river water, reservoir water, groundwater.

2. industrial water purification.

3. urban sewage treatment.

4. industrial wastewater and waste recycling useful materials, to promote recycling of coal washing waste water sedimentation, starch manufacturing starch.

5. industrial wastewater treatment: wastewater, leather wastewater, wastewater containing fluoride, heavy metal waste water, wastewater, wastewater, coal washing wastewater, mine drainage, brewing wastewater, metallurgy wastewater, meat processing wastewater, sewage treatment.

6. paper sizing.

7. refined sugar.

8. cast molding.

9. cloth crease.

10. catalyst support.

11. medicine refining

12. quick-setting cement.

13. cosmetic raw materials.

Using the method of polyaluminium chloride:

The solid product dissolved in water according to 1:3 for the liquid, then add 10-30 times of water diluted to the required concentration after use. The optimal pH value for investment plus 3.5-5.0, choose the best pH value added, can maximize the effectiveness of coagulation. According tothedifferentdosage, determination of optimal dosage, the general turbidity in 100-500mg/L, everytons ofdosage 10-20kg. The raw water turbidity is high, appropriate to increase the dosage, low turbidity, the dosage can be reduced.

Rural use, the pharmaceutical investment in the tank, mixing, static, the supernatant can be used every 50 kilograms to join the pharmacy l grams. Such as the combination of the drug and the polymer flocculant production, the effect is better. Administration can be the company's production of anionic polyacrylamide or cationic polyacrylamide together with PAC dissolved into a composite flocculant after use or PAC first by adding water to form aggregates, after joining the company's production of anionic polyacrylamide [3] bridging into large flocs.

The dosage of polymeric aluminum chloride in different water:

First, in low turbidity water, the polyaluminium chloride solid products in accordance with the ratio of 1:3 (weight ratio) with water dilution, and stir until completely dissolved

Two, with the sewage in production and life, according to first polyaluminium chloride wastewater per ton of product with about 30g. And then diluted after polyacrylamide products, (if the effect is not obvious, please as appropriate to reduce or increase the dosage of products. )

Three, the paper mill wastewater treatment, the low turbidity water put the proportion of allocation, such as the effect is not obvious in add.

Four, the raw water turbidity in 100-500mg/L, dosage of 5-10mg per thousand tons of water dosage is 5-10kg, with the best pre test according to the water quality characteristics, select the best value, and then put into use.

Put the proportion of common sewage:

Application unit: kg / tons of water application unit: kg / tons of water

Living water 2.5 ~ 25 and 2.5 ~ 25 of industrial water

Urban sewage 15 ~ 20 ~ 100 50 electroplating wastewater

20 ~ 150 Metallurgical Wastewater of papermaking wastewater from 50 to 300

Printing and dyeing wastewater 100 ~ 100 ~ 300 300 bleaching and dyeing wastewater

Paint wastewater of 100 ~ 300 and 100 ~ 300 tannery wastewater

50 to 150 food wastewater and chemical wastewater from 50 to 100

50 ~ 200 emulsified wastewater of coal washing wastewater from 30 to 100

PAC packaging:

PAC packaging and precautions

1.The external plastic woven bag, a plastic film set, the net weight of each bag is 25kg, can also be modified according to user requirements, otherwise the liquid polymeric aluminum chloride sales.

2.With the prohibition of mixed with toxic substances, transportation and storage, the product should be stored in dry, ventilated, cool, and do not damp.

3.Be careful, when loading and unloading, the solid product storage period of one year.

Matters needing attention in the process of using polyaluminium chloride:

1. should be used according to the water quality test, choose the good effect of water purification, put a small amount of the best point. The solution should be confected, drinking water should be selected according to the actual situation of consumption.

2.The use of a solid, first with water dissolved with 10-25% solution, and then diluted with water to the desired concentration, when dissolved in water slowly feeding, and continue to stir.

3. different manufacturers or different brands of water treatment chemicals should not be mixed, and not with other chemicals stored.

4.The undiluted and diluted slightly corrosive, but lower than other kinds of inorganic flocculant.

5.The effective storage products: liquid solid for half a year, two years. Can still use the solid product after the tide.

6.Is this product with reasonable dosage, purified water meets drinking water health standards.

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