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Gongyi City Fuyuan water purification materials Co.,Ltd. Gongyi City Fuyuan water purification materials Co.,Ltd.
Gongyi City Fuyuan water purification materials Co.,Ltd. Gongyi City Fuyuan water purification materials Co.,Ltd.


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Ferric chloride (PAFC) is the hydrolysis of the aluminum and iron salts coagulation from an inorganic polymer coagulant, based on the principle of synergy, adding ferric chloride or three elemental iron oxide and other containing iron complex compound prepared a new and effective coagulant obtained. It combines the respective advantages of aluminum and iron salts, aluminum and iron ions form has improved significantly, much higher degree of polymerization. Take aluminum, iron coagulant their flotation operation advantageous to improve the performance of PAC coagulation; high turbidity water and low temperature and low turbidity water purification treatment effect was particularly evident, alkaline additives may increase or other coagulant.

PAFC performance characteristics:

1, fast hydrolysis, hydration weak. The formation of alum dense settlement rate. By the temperature change is small, meet the requirements of shear forces flow through the PAFC process.

2, the solid product is brown, reddish-brown powder, easily soluble in water.

3, after the raw water can effectively remove aluminum ions and aluminum salts in water coagulation residual free aluminum ions form.

4, for a wide range of drinking water, industrial water, domestic water, sewage and industrial wastewater treatment.

5, less medication, the treatment effect is good, than the other coagulant cost savings of 10-20%.

6, use and packaging applications and essentially the same precautions with the PAC.

PAFC technology Category:

a, drum-type poly (co) of aluminum chloride aluminum content in general, high water-insoluble substance, used for wastewater treatment.

b, frame-poly () aluminum chloride, aluminum content, low water-insoluble substance, used in sewage treatment and drinking process.

c, spray drying poly () aluminum chloride, aluminum content, low water insoluble matter, dissolution speed. higher standards for drinking water and water treatment.

PAFC product features:

PAFC easily soluble in water, can be used for drinking water, industrial water and industrial wastewater, sewage treatment. Coagulation addition to the performance of the remaining color to reduce the turbidity, there floc formation of blocks, high adsorption performance, sludge dewatering filter good performance characteristics, particularly in the treatment of high turbidity water, low temperature and low turbidity water when deal better than alum, PAC, PFS, ferric good effect. Wherein the purification treatment effect was particularly evident for low temperature and low turbidity of the water, may increase the basic aids and other coagulants incomparable effect.

PAFC product features:

1, the amount is far lower than traditional coagulants, purified water quality.

2, floc formation rapid sedimentation rapidly than the traditional large capacity products.

3, less consumption of water alkalinity, water PH value decreased less.

4, the product of low water insolubles, good light transmission.

5, for a wide range of PH value, can be used in the 5.0-9.0 range.

6, turbidity, alkalinity, and organic matter content adaptability.

7, product quality indicators in particular heavy metal indicators meet GB15892-2003 standard.

8, Free residual aluminum low, purified water meets state standards.

9, Corrosion small, soluble powder is better than other similar products.

PAFC use:

Because raw water varied in nature, should be under different circumstances, or for beaker test site commissioning, to obtain the best conditions and the best dosage to achieve the best treatment effect.

1, before using this product at a certain concentration (10-30%) alum solution into the pool, into the fully hydrolyzed water stirred and allowed to stand to reddish brown liquid, then diluted with water to the desired concentration dosing coagulation . 2-5% water can also be dubbed in direct dosing, industrial wastewater treatment formulated 5-10% direct dosing.

2, dosage is determined, based on the nature of the raw water may be formed by commissioning or beaker experiment, as the right amount of alum may be prepared another dose of the original water can use as a reference, the product and the solid polymeric chloride under the same conditions roughly the same amount of aluminum, a solid amount of aluminum sulfate 1 / 3-1 / 4. If the original using a liquid product, it can be calculated according to the discretion of the appropriate drug concentration. Approximate weight ratio of 1: 3 may be.

3, when used, will be prepared above the liquid pumped metering tank, dosing liquid raw water through the measurement of coagulation.

4, the date of the preparation of the day in general use, dispensing needs water, a slight sediment is normal

5. The original production by: solid: water = 1/5 or so, after the first mixed and dissolved, add water to dilute the content of 2-3% solution can be.

6, the production of press: solid: water = 1/5 or so, after the first mixed and dissolved, then diluted with water to the content of 2-3% solution can be.

PAFC product use and packaging:

PAFC range of applications: used in drinking water, industrial water, domestic water, sewage and industrial wastewater treatment, ferric chloride for drinking water and industrial water purification treatment has a significant effect.

1, external plastic bag inside a plastic film package, net weight 25kg, can be modified according to user requirements.

2, prohibit mixed with toxic substances, transport and storage, pay attention to water storage, moisture-proof, anti-broken packaging Xun.

Ferric chloride coagulation process

Hydraulic conditions and status of the formation of alum coagulation process in three stages.

1. cohesion stage: the liquid into the coagulation tank and raw water coagulation in a very rapid formation of fine alum short time, then the water becomes more turbid, it requires water to produce intense turbulence. Beaker experiment should be fast (250-300 rev / min) for 10-30S, generally no more than 2min.

2. flocculation stage: alum is growing thicker process, requiring an appropriate degree of turbulence and sufficient residence time (10-15min), to the latter can be observed sinking slowly gathered a large number of alum, clear surface layer is formed. Beaker experiment first / min stirring for about 6 minutes at 150 rpm, and then to 60 rev / min stirring for about 4 minutes to a suspended state.

3. Settlement stage: it is in process of settling floc sedimentation tank, requires slow water flow, in order to improve the general efficiency of the use of oblique tube (plate) settling tank (preferably separated floc flotation method), a lot of thick alum perianth inclined tube (plate) wall barrier deposited at the bottom, the upper water in order to clarify the water, the rest of the small particle size, low density alum was gradually decreased, while continuing to collide big knot, to the late residual turbidity basic unchanged. Beaker experiment should be 20-30 rev / min slow stir 5 minutes, and then allowed to settle for 10 minutes and measured residual turbidity.

4. enhanced filtration, mainly rational use of the filter layer structure and aid to improve the filter's removal, it is an important measure to improve the water quality.

5. This product is used in environmental protection, processing, and use of industrial waste water system is substantially the same high-color, high COD, BOD of

Raw water treatment, combined with very good additive effect.

6. The use of chemical coagulation method of business, the original use of equipment without making a big transformation, just an additional pool of dissolved alum to use this product.

7. This product should be stored in dry, moisture, avoid hot places (<80oC, do not damage the packaging, the product can be long-term storage).

8. This product must be dissolved before use, dissolve equipment and dosing facilities should be corrosion-resistant materials.


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