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Gongyi City Fuyuan water purification materials Co.,Ltd. Gongyi City Fuyuan water purification materials Co.,Ltd.
Gongyi City Fuyuan water purification materials Co.,Ltd. Gongyi City Fuyuan water purification materials Co.,Ltd.


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PFS has two forms of liquid and solid and liquid products for the reddish-brown viscous liquid. As a pale yellow solid particle, relative density 1.45.
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[Chinese name] PFS (referred to as poly iron)

[English name] Polyferric Sulfate [Formula] [Fe2 (OH) n (SO4) 3-n / 2] m

[Technical standard] product quality in line with the national standard GB14591-93


PFS has two forms of liquid and solid and liquid products for the reddish-brown viscous liquid. As a pale yellow solid particle, relative density 1.45.


1, the coagulation performance, alum dense, fast settling velocity; 5-30 minutes settlement completely, when there is an auxiliary settlement facilities, the settlement quickly.

2, water purification effect is excellent water quality is good, even 10-fold excess of water and no iron phase shift, does not make the water yellow.

3, stable performance, long-term storage is still dissolved, no precipitation, not bad, but will not block the pipeline.

4, with significant bleaching, deodorization, dehydration, oil, sterilization, removal of water and heavy metals, radioactive substances and carcinogenic and other effects, there are COD, BOD's strong ability to remove.

5, non-toxic, safe and reliable.

6, to adapt to the range of 4-11 PH water, the optimum PH value 6-9; PH value of the small amplitude variation purified, and can reduce water hardness.

7, micro-pollution, including algae, low temperature and turbidity of raw water purifier has a unique effect. 8, small plumbing corrosion can form a protective film to prevent corrosion depth.


The products are mainly used in water purification and industrial wastewater treatment, flocculation and strong, alum large, heavy fast, small resistance. Water for SS, CODcr, BOD5 color has a high removal rate, low processing cost, easy to operate.


This product should be stored in dry, moisture, avoid hot place to prevent contamination of toxic substances and heat when wet storage, do not damage the packaging. [Packing] The product is non-toxic polyethylene plastic bags, plus a woven bag, net weight: 25KG.

PFS applications:
PFS at the rare earth industry wastewater treatment: The surface of the membrane, for example, means the waste water of tiny solid particles and a high concentration, and always maintain a certain distance, greatly reducing harmful substances and have the opportunity to avoid the membrane surface of the membrane surface contamination, polymerization Sulfate improve water circulation iron over; this process is not only the extraction process wastewater high concentration of rare earth separation and enrichment of ammonium chloride, the rare earth industry standard waste water recycling and solar energy through electrolysis process and a successful hydrochloric acid and ammonia water reactors recovery and recycling of rare earth industry PFS reduce production of raw materials, but also through the use of fuel cells to energy recovery, adding that a large number of waste water treatment costs $ 40, of 1600 tons / day, containing 100g / L of chloride ammonium calculated, through this process, the generation of hydrochloric acid and ammonia water can profit 110,000 yuan, which is not only the country's sewage treatment and disposal reduction, stable and sound objectives; strict control of rare earth industry heavy metals from wastewater and toxic, harmful substances PFS; the premise of safety, environmental and economic recovery, waste water, waste gas PFS energy and resources, waste water, waste gas treatment and utilization, energy conservation, to achieve circular economy development purposes.

PFS method using electrical media electrophoresis and membrane separation technology combined with the reuse of sewage treatment, waste water treatment technology innovation and technological progress, give full play to investment and operating efficiency of the equipment for China's national conditions, in line with characteristics of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region wastewater treatment technology, PFS new technology and new equipment. If the new technology is widely used, mining companies will increase the level of industrial waste water treatment and disposal in the region, PFS further protect and improve the ecological environment and promote sustainable development of our economy, society and the environment in the region.

PFS treatment of oily wastewater characteristics:

Flocculation technology because of its strong adaptability, can remove emulsified oil and dissolved oil and complex polymer biodegradation of organic matter difficult part of characteristics have been widely used in oily wastewater. Flocculants commonly used inorganic flocculants, organic flocculants and composite flocculant three categories.

Inorganic polymer flocculant PAC, PFS and other low molecular weight inorganic coagulant treatment effect is good, low price and with less efficient and is widely

PFS trial methods:

Because raw water varied in nature, should be under different circumstances, or for beaker test site commissioning, to obtain the best conditions and the best dosage to achieve the best treatment effect.

1, before using this product at a certain concentration (10-30%) alum solution into the pool, into the fully hydrolyzed water stirred and allowed to stand to show
Red-brown liquid, then diluted with water to the desired concentration dosing coagulation. 2-5% water can also be dubbed in direct dosing directly with industrial wastewater treatment
To 5-10% dosing.

2, dosage is determined, based on the nature of the raw water, as the alum can be formed by producing the right amount of debug or beaker experiment, the original system can use water
Other dosage as a reference, under the same conditions this product with a solid PAC amount roughly equivalent to the amount of solid aluminum sulfate
1 / 3-1 / 4. If the original using a liquid product, it can be calculated according to the discretion of the appropriate drug concentration. Approximate weight ratio of 1: 3 may be.

3, when used, will be prepared above the liquid pumped metering tank, dosing liquid raw water through the measurement of coagulation.

4, the date of the preparation of the day in general use, dispensing needs water, a slight sediment is normal.

5, pay attention to the water conditions of the three stages of the coagulation process and the formation of alum status.

(1) The condensed phases: a liquid into the coagulation tank and raw water in the course of a very rapid coagulation fine alum a short term, in which case the water volume change
A more turbid, it requires water to produce intense turbulence. Beaker experiment should be fast (250-300 rev / min) for
10-30S, generally no more than 2min.

(2) flocculation stage: alum is growing thicker process, requiring an appropriate degree of turbulence and sufficient residence time (10-15min), to
The latter can be observed sinking slowly gathered a large number of alum, clear surface layer is formed. Beaker experiment first with 150 rev / min stirring about
6 minutes, then / min agitation to 60 rpm for about 4 minutes to a suspended state.

(3) settling stage: it is carried out in floc settling tank settling process requires slow water flow, in order to improve the efficiency of the general inclined tube
(Plate) settling tank (preferably separated floc flotation method), a lot of thick alumina perianth inclined tube (plate) wall barrier deposited
At the bottom, the upper water in order to clarify the water, the rest of the small particle size, density of alum was gradually decreased, while continuing to collide knot
Great, to the late residual turbidity basically unchanged. Beaker experiment should be 20-30 rev / min slow stir 5 minutes, and then allowed to settle for 10 minutes and measured residual turbidity.

6, enhanced filtration, mainly rational use of the filter layer structure and aid to improve the filter's removal, it is an important measure to improve the water quality.

7, the product used in environmental protection, processing, and use of industrial waste water system is substantially the same high-color, high COD, BOD of Raw water treatment, combined with very good additive effect.

8, the use of chemical coagulation method of business, the original use of equipment without making a big transformation, just an additional pool of dissolved alum to use this product.

9. This product should be stored in dry, moisture, avoid hot places (<80 ℃, do not damage the packaging, the product can be long-term storage).

10, the product must be dissolved before use, dissolve equipment and dosing facilities should be corrosion-resistant materials. 

Items PFSIndex
ClassI ClassII
Liquid Solid Liquid Solid
Density/ g / cm3 (20 ℃) ≥ 1.45 -- 1.45  
Total ironmass fraction/% ≥ 11 19 11 19
Reducing substances(asFe2 +meter)mass fraction%, ≤ 0.1 0.15 0.1 0.15
Basicity/% 8.0-16.0 8.0-16.0 8.0-16.0 8.0-16.0
Insolublescontent/%, ≤ 0.3 0.5 0.3 0.5
PH (1%solution) 2.0-3.0 2.0-3.0 2.0-3.0 2.0-3.0
Cadmium(C d)content,% ≤ 0.0001 0.0002 -- --
Mercury(H g)content,% ≤ 0.00001 0.00001 -- --
Chromium(C r)content,% ≤ 0.0005 0.0005 -- --
Arsenic(A s)content,% ≤ 0.0001 0.0002 -- --
Lead(P b)content,% ≤ 0.0005 0.001 -- --

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