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What are the applications of anionic polyacrylamide in the treatment of high-concentration industrial sewage?
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Anionic Polyacrylamide

Anionic polyacrylamide is a water purification reagent widely used in the flocculation stage of wastewater in mining, coal preparation, asbestos, petrochemical, papermaking, textile, sugar, environmental protection and other industries, but with the development of industrial technology, the amount of wastewater produced It is also increasing, so the use of polyacrylamide is also increasing. For the better use of enterprises, the application of this product in the treatment of high-concentration industrial wastewater is introduced below.

Slurry water is a floating liquid containing a certain amount of fine mud particles in the water. Generally, there are many floating particles in the pretreatment industrial wastewater, the concentration is high, the particles are positively charged, and the pH value of the water is neutral or alkaline. The sewage treatment effect is good.

After the mud water is pretreated, it is collected through the pipeline and flows into the sedimentation tank, and is pretreated by the mud dewatering machine to remove most of the suspended solids of large particles in the mud water. The filtrate enters the secondary sedimentation tank through the drainage system. The mud water in the secondary sedimentation tank is suspended mud, and the specific gravity is not much different from that of water. Need to add polyacrylamide flocculant for treatment. The mud water after anionic polyacrylamide flocculation is treated by a dehydrator, and the removal rate is above 95%, and the recovered water can be directly recovered. The application of anionic polyacrylamide in slurry water treatment achieves the goal of zero discharge of sewage.

All in all, when dealing with high-concentration industrial wastewater, the use of anionic polyacrylamide must specify the corresponding dosage to ensure better use.

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