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Coconut shell activated carbon has adsorption and catalytic effect on chlorine in water
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Activated carbon is widely used as a current catalyst support. Coconut shell activated carbon is used as a petrochemical catalyst carrier and is suitable for the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Due to the developed pore structure of coconut shell activated carbon, large specific surface area, good adsorption performance, low price, acid and alkali resistance, and stable performance.

Coconut shell activated carbon can be directly used as catalyst. What is the role of direct use as a catalyst: Coconut shell activated carbon produces hydrogen peroxide: The porous tube covered with activated carbon is used as the female end, and the hydrogen released from the negative end and the pressed oxygen produce hydrogen peroxide.

Coconut shell activated carbon converts hydrogen sulfide into elemental sulfur, which can adsorb hydrogen sulfide and remove elemental sulfur produced by oxidation from the gas.

Coconut shell activated carbon activated carbon has adsorption and catalytic effect on chlorine in water. Coconut shell activated carbon is used in the production of phosgene, cyanuric chloride, ethyl chloride, halogenated sulfonyl and pesticide intermediates. Due to active catalysis, chlorine reacts with carbon monoxide to generate phosgene; sulfur dioxide reacts with chlorine to generate sulfuryl chloride; chlorine reacts with hydrogen to generate hydrogen chloride; bromine reacts with water vapor to generate hydrobromic acid; ferrous sulfate is oxidized to generate ferric sulfate; Cyanuric chloride reaction; Coconut shell tetrachloroethane decarburization activated carbon dehydrogenation compound Cl to prepare trichloroethane active catalyst.

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