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Luoyang customer electroplating plant sewage treatment case
Release date:2022-07-05Browse: views

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Polyaluminum chloride manufacturers broadcast today's news: Whether it is domestic water or industrial water, the treatment method is nothing more than flocculation and precipitation. So today, Xiaobian will take you to understand the working principle of flocculation and sedimentation when water treatment chemicals are added to sewage!
The flocculation precipitation method is to use inorganic flocculants such as polyaluminum chloride PAC or organic polymer flocculants polyacrylamide PAM solids are prepared by adding water to a certain proportion of water to dissolve and then added to the wastewater. As mentioned, those who don't know can read the previous news. The dissolution of the prepared water will produce a compressed electric double layer, which will make the suspended particles in the wastewater lose stability, and the colloidal particles will coagulate with each other to make the particles larger, forming flocs and alum flowers. After the flocs slowly bridge and become larger to a certain volume, they are separated from the water phase and precipitated under the action of gravity, thereby removing a large amount of suspended solids in the wastewater to achieve the effect of water treatment. In order to improve the separation effect, a coagulant aid can be added in a timely and appropriate amount. In the previous article, we talked about the introduction of coagulant aids. The treated sewage can meet the discharge standard in terms of chromaticity, chromium content, suspended solids and other substances, and can be used for effluent discharge or as re-injection water for artificial water injection and oil recovery. Such medicaments are simple and convenient to operate and save manpower.

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