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Liaoning Lingyuan Sewage Treatment Plant
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PAC polyaluminum chloride can be used for industrial wastewater treatment and drinking water treatment, so many people will have questions, can the chemical for industrial water treatment be used to treat drinking water? Is there really no danger? Today, the editor will take you to understand the difference between industrial polyaluminum chloride and drinking polyaluminum chloride!
1. Industrial wastewater treatment Polyaluminum chloride: dark brown or dark yellow in appearance, and the content is between 25% and 28%. The production method used is a drum type. The polyaluminum chloride produced by this process belongs to a kind of polymer flocculant. It is a new type of water treatment agent developed on the basis of traditional aluminum salt and iron salt. Water works well. It is widely used in the treatment of various industrial water and urban sewage.
2. Polyaluminum chloride for drinking water treatment: The appearance is yellow or golden yellow, and the content is generally 30%. The use of high content of polyaluminum chloride agent to treat drinking water is because the low content and the traditional process of polyaluminum chloride processing raw materials are different Heavy metals such as iron are harmful to human body. The production type of this agent is mainly plate and frame filter press type or spray drying type. Its manufacturing cost is slightly higher than that of industrial polyaluminum chloride. It is a new and stable water purifier, which is widely used in various tap water treatment plants and drinking water recycling.

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